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Northport Sunday April 24 Meetings

Bretheren and Sisters,

Tomorrow, April 24, we will have special Bishopric, Ward Council, and Leadership training meetings with our Stake Presidency.

We ask all quorums and leaderships to attend if possible and if possible your counselors and assistants should be there.

8:00  Bishopric
9:00  Ward Council
2:15  Leadership Training

Also, here is the updated ward council meeting outline for tomorrow.

Thank you,

Brother Chad Foote


Ward Council Agenda Is The Following

Ward Council Agenda 4-24-16

Opening Prayer

Sacrament Meetings

Mother's day Importance of Womanhood

o Speakers

Young Men

May Theme (Strength & Unity Through the Savior)

o List of Speakers Rick Zastoupil, Sis. Lozano, Eric Parker, Bro. & Sis. Skagan

June Theme -

Missionary Work (Bro. Salley)

Investigators coming to church

Investigators with baptismal dates

Progressing investigators

Lessons with members

Prospective elders

Part-member families

Unbaptized children of record

Individuals and Families

New move-ins Follow up from 4-17-16

Temple Prep Class who should attend

Prospective Elders List

Others that may have needs (Spiritual and Temporal)

Rotating Topic

The Role of Good Judgment *

Closing Prayer